Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Growth Chart Ruler

Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to share my latest project, a growth chart for your little ones.  It isn't even expensive to make, it just takes a little time.  

I saw this growth chart on Pinterest, I am sure there are tons of tutorials, videos or shared files. But after looking at it and some thought, I decided to create my own Design Space file.  You can find a link to the file under my Design Space Files tab located above. This board can be used for all your children, and when you move, you can take it with you.

If you decide to use this file, think about which side you plan on placing the markings, mine are on the right hand side as you are looking at it.  

You can find my Growth Ruler file here.  If the link doesn't work, the file  is on my Design Space Files page.  This is what the file looks like, don't detach the marks, they are ready to be cut at 1/2" intervals.  

I started the markings at 1/2" (blue image),  since I plan on hanging it 6" from the floor.  This made the first large line 1 foot, then add a red image, this will bring you to 1 1/2 ft, then add a blue to bring you to 2 feet.  Repeat until you have the desired height.  Be sure to decide how high you will be hanging from the floor, and start your marks at the correct measurement.  I.E, if you are hanging 1 foot fro the floor, start with the red image and place first line 1/2" from edge of the board.    I will be attaching it to a stud with two screws, in the center of the top and bottom.

I used an 1x8x6, or an 8" wide board, that is 6' long, and 1" thick.  If you want more decorate space, use an 8' or 10" wide board.  You can't see by the picture, but my Dad cut one side to angle just like a wooden ruler. 

Stain or paint your board.  You want to mark your board where you plan on placing your lines. I used a washable Crayola marker, it wiped right off.   Apply your markings with whatever technique you like, I choose Oracle 651, outdoor vinyl.  They could be painted or drawn on, it's your choice.

That was it, if you are interested in the colors I used Minwax water base stain in Special Walnut and sealed with Polyacrylic Water base in Satin.

That's it, not difficult at all and I love the way it turned out.

Till next time, 

Happy Crafting