Friday, May 29, 2015

Pop-up Gift Card Boxes

I have been busy sewing these days, and the few things I did make I didn't take pictures of.  So I decided to bring back my first project created in Design Space.  I cleaned it up a little, since the update allows us to design a little better.

I posted these boxes previously a year ago.  I have had more requests for the file, and since it is hard to find in my posts I am adding it again.  If you click here it will bring you to original post with credits to the original designer.  I just made the file cut with my Explore

Free images were used to create this file, so it should work for everyone with access to Design Space.

The finished box measures 3x5 inches and is 1 inch deep.  If you decide to use double sided paper, place the tape or glue on the side you want to be the outside. 

After I had the first box all put together I thought it would be nice to add something inside that would pop-up when it opened.  So I created an insert page without the cut out, it just has a slit for your gift card.  You add decorations to the face of it, I used this insert in the birthday box.  

Any images or decorations you place inside the box should not be any larger than 2” high or 4.5 inches wide.  If they are too big they will bend or your box won’t open and close properly.  Also, I recommend using a very sturdy piece of card stock so your boxes aren't too flimsy.  I found it easier to decorate the insert before taping it in the box.

Be sure to add some goodies inside the box along with your gift card.

Here is the link to the file,, it has also been added to my Design Space files page.

I hope you will join me.

Happy Craftin!

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