Monday, May 11, 2015

How to Design Wall Art in Design Space

Hi everybody,

Here is the post I promised about creating the Word Art for FAMILY.

Step 1:  Enter text and center it.

Step 2:  Choose Font and size it based on your canvas.  Isolate your letters, not exactly required, but it does help you use the align features for better spacing.  

Make sure your text is centered on the canvas, using the new Align feature.

Step 3:  Add text for each of your sayings.  Change your fonts and adjust spacing for layout by
adding or deleting spaces.

Step 4:  Weld script text so it cuts in one piece.

Step 5:  Attach phrases.

Step 6:  Line everything up and adjust sizes.  Once you are satisfied, attach images for cutting and applying ease.  

The following screen shots show the difference between how grouping and attaching affects your cutting options.  

This is how your cutting mat looks when you attach.

This is how your cutting mat looks when things are grouped.  Grouping has no affect on the cutting mat.

I attached the phrases for each letter separately.  It has been my experience to apply smaller pieces to a canvas if possible.  

I also changed colors of each section, only to make fitting on the cutting mats easier.  My canvas was 16x20", so some attached phrases were larger than 12".

I hope this quick tutorial helps you create your own canvas art.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Till next time,

Happy Craftin!

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