Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Family Wall Art with Vinyl

I have seen several versions of this wall decor, here is my take.

I started with an old wall decor picture my daughter-in-law was tossing in the trash.  It was a picture that had been applied to a piece of board.  

First I applied a primer, to give the paint something to adhere to.  You could also sand, but it was a dark picture and I knew it would take several coats of paint.   Then I painted it the color I needed, in this case a teal blue color.  After it dried, I applied a glaze of brown, to tone down the blue and give it a aged look,  I understand that is all the craze these days.  Next I applied a layer of Mod Podge.

After it was completely dry I started applying the vinyl.  I found it easier to apply the word Family.  I wanted to be sure it was centered and all the letters lined up.  I was afraid to do one letter at a time, I tend to end up with things crooked.  I then drew a pencil line where the bottom saying was to be placed.  I cut the sayings for each letter together, and applied as a group.   For example, the top two lines were cut as seen on the plaque and applied together, lining it up with the pencil line.  Then I did the same thing for each letter.   The pencil will come off  with a damp cloth if you don't wait too long, otherwise just erase it, but be sure to be careful around your vinyl letters.

After all the vinyl was applied, I added two thick coats of Mod Podge.  I have read mixed reviews on putting Mod Podge on vinyl, there are quite a few folks that say it will cause the vinyl to peel and  there are those that say they do it all the time.  I decided to find out for myself.   

Here are the fonts I used.  

Chip Decor (FAMILY)  (Cricut - purchased)

In order from top to bottom:

Athelas (System font - included on laptop)
Samantha Italic (a special glyph for A) (purchased Mighty Deals)
American Typewriter (System font - included on laptop)
Birch Standard (System font - included on laptop)
Everyday Fonts - Best of Times (Cricut - purchased)
Arial narrow (system font included on most computers)
Everyday Fonts - A is for Alice  (Cricut - purchased)
Branboll Fet (free Dafont)
Bickham Script Pro (free Dafont)
Giddyup Std (free Dafont)
Folighten No7 (free Dafont)
Pharmacy (free Dafont)

Decorations - glyphs from Samantha Fonts

You should be able to find all the system fonts for free, the only one I purchased was Samantha.

Be sure to work with your fonts, I welded my script fonts and some of them I adjusted spacing to make them a little more uniformed.  I added spaces between the letters to have them lay correctly next to the center letter.  I will talk about this more in my instructional post.

Because of Samantha and system fonts the file is not shareable.  But it really isn't difficult to make, just substitute a font you have for the ones that are not free.  

I am working on a quick tutorial to show how to get your file ready.  Check back for more info.

I am working on another wall decor on an old cabinet door.  Stay tuned.

Till next time.

Happy Craftin!

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