Thursday, April 9, 2015

Vinyl on Canvas Word Art

My niece found this plaque on Pinterest and asked if I could make it.  Of course, with the Cricut Explore, it would be easy peasy.

Well I was going to try my hand at painting the words, but that just didn't work out for me.

1 st cut, my vinyl was upside down.  I cut the backing instead of the vinyl which meant all my words were backwards.

2nd cut no problem, started weeding, about a quarter way through I realized I was weeding the back ground, I needed to weed the letters to leave a stencil.

3rd cut - everything went great, except when I placed it on the canvas, I had a difficult time getting it straight, plus the vinyl was lumpy.  There wouldn't be any clean painting with this.

4th cut - did it the way I know how, used vinyl lettering, I will try painting a smaller project.  I did learn one thing from this experience, do one line at a time, maybe two.  The whole plaque cut out at once was just too hard to fool with since it was such a detailed cut.

Here are the fonts I used in the order they appear : Everyday Fonts (1st line), Cherrylimeade (me), Calligraphy (Lord) and Boys will be Boys(2nd line), and Fontastic Fonts (morning).

I added the file on my page Design Space Files.

I definitely want to try painting one, I think it would have a more professional look, maybe next time.

Till next time,

Happy Craftin'

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