Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Just Married Card with Cricut Explore

I made this card using my Cuttlebug and Cricut Explore.  With a little slicing and welding, I was able to re-create a card I saw on Pinterest.

I used two images, 

the Car Couple image from the Sweethearts cartridge , I only used  the couple, the bumper,  and license plate from this image.

and the Just Married Image from the Wedding Cartridge.  I sliced the tires from one of the layers and used the hide contour to remove the tail lights and just married text.  

I decided to add Just Married with vinyl, the card stock I was using wouldn't make clean cuts on this really skinny text.  

I had some oval gemstones that were perfect for the tail lights.  I used a simple text and wrote the Mr&Mrs license plate with my Explore also.

If you have a Cricut Explore an access to these cartridges, here is the file.  It is possible I used an image to do the slicing that may not have been free.  It seems that images are changing status, but if you have the subscription there shouldn't be any problem.

I used a metallic white card stock for the car and a silver metallic for the bumper.  The embossing was from a folder in the Anna Griffith's Lovely Impressions.

Till next time,

Happy Cratin!

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