Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easy card with My Scrap Chick SVG files

I have been purchasing the belly box files from My Srap Chick, they have some adorable files.  I decided I would make all of the cards included in the Trio Sets.  I am adding them to my stash of emergency cards.   This one was for my brother, a major cat lover.  

I hope it doesn't cause him too much pain, he lost his friend "Max" to a rare feline condition.  So I made this card in tribute of "Max", his beloved friend.

This is from the file set Trio of Kitties.  I did a little slicing and welding to make it match Max's likeness.  The hardest part of the cards from MyScrapChick, is the shading and adding of details with a pen.  The cards are cute when you cut them, but definitely add a little detailing to make them go from cute to down right adorable.  

If you are wondering, here is Max.

I think it came out pretty good.  I sure hope my brother likes it.

Till next time

Happy Craftin!

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