Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Buckets with your Cricut Explore

Happy Easter,

Sorry you haven't heard from me in awhile.  I have been busy working on my Easter projects.  I made Easter tubs, instead of baskets.  

I decided not to decorate with an Eater theme, but a girly theme.  This way the tubs can be displayed in their bedrooms, and maybe hold some of those things they have laying around.

I purchased the buckets at the local Dollar Tree, one thing I found out.  When you see something at the DT buy it, when you go back it will be sold out.  With all the chatter on Face book about projects folks are making everything is selling out.  I think the DT has had an increase i  business since the Cricut Explore has come out.

I used Cricut cartridge Fontastic Fonts for the names.  I did find using the slice feature on the other images made it a lot easier to piece them together.  I found that layering can be a little difficult with vinyl.  If you don't have an extremely steady hand you can definitely make mistakes.  

I picked very simple designs and sliced them into the pieces I wanted to use and then cut them out.  Slicing also helps you save vinyl, you don't need that background layer, just the top layers to make the design.  Here is what my images looked like after sliced.

I also worked on my own split bunny.  I found a bunny peeking over a heart from the Baby Steps Cartridge.  I couldn't find any image for the feet in DS, so I used pieces from the Trio of Bunnies Set I purchased from  I love their files.  I used the hands and feet from this file.

I put these images on those large eggs I purchased from Walmart.  Here is the finished product.  Sorry about the picture quality.  I took this with my phone.  I cut them out at about 3", I think a little shy of that.

Since I used parts of a purchased SVG file I cannot share the file.  If you would like the split bunny, minus the hands and feet, contact me.  I will send you only the bunny, you must have a subscription to use this file.  I used a square that was part of the subscription, I hadn't planned on sharing or I would have used a free image.

Well hope you liked my projects for Easter, it is time to concentrate on Mother's Day.

Till next time

Happy Craftin!

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