Thursday, March 5, 2015

Design Space 2.0, Slicing and Welding To make custom cards

Hi everyone,

If you were wondering how to slice and weld to make a custom card, here are a few snapshots of the Design Space screen to help you.  I know some folks would prefer pictures and can't always watch lengthy videos.  I personally have a limited data plan, so I only watch videos when I can't find picture or written instructions to help me.  

I am using this card to provide instructions.  

These pictures provide only a brief overview of the steps.  If you are a newbie and need really detailed instructions, I would suggest the videos for slicing and welding by Cricut or do a search, there are tons of them out there.

First you need to find that image you want on your card, I used Belle's dress, from Disney's Dreams Come True Cartridge.

Second, you will need a the shape of the finished card, I used square image.  Be sure to make duplicates of your images, and save your work as you go,  The duplicates will allow you to start over if the result wasn't exactly how you envisioned it.  It took me a few tries before I was happy with the end result.

Now ungroup you images and delete any pieces you won't be needing or hide them, your choice.  

Sorry that the pictures are hard to see, but as you can see, I placed the square over the bodice of the dress and selected both images that I wanted to slice.  Slice will not work on grouped images, so be sure you ungroup your image.

Here is a link to slicing in Design Space.

As you can see, the bodice is now sliced off.  You can delete the pieces you don't need.

Now you will need to slice one side off of the dress.  Following the same steps as above with a larger square, slice the side of the dress.  Make a duplicate of the sliced dress.

Once you are satisfied with the image create a rectangle and place it overlapping the sliced dress.

Unlock the sizing lock in the bottom left hand corner,  this allows you to size in both directions separately.  I recommend placing your score line in the center so you get an idea where the fold will be.

Make sure the rectangle isn't showing behind the bodice of the dress.  Once everything looks good, select both images and weld them together.  Now you can attach your score line to the card.

Here is a video for welding.

Here is what the finished card looks like, as you can see I had to play with it until my size and score line were where I wanted them.  

My finished card size is 8.5 x 5.5 inches, with the score line at 4.25".  I changed the color so you could see the score line.

If you would like to view the file here it is.  Keep in mind you will need to own the Disney cartridge, or purchase the image to cut it.

I hope these instructions helped.  


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