Friday, February 20, 2015

Copy text into Desgn Space 2.0

I may be late to the gate on this one, or it may be I just never tried it.  That certainly isn't like me, I always try copy ad paste before I type anything, but whatever the issue, I haven't tried in quite some time. 

I was getting frustrated about typing my sentiments in  my cards.  I found Design Space had an issue with typing too fast.  It dropped letters, even words.  It may be my internet connection, it certainly isn't my computer.   As you know Design Space doesn't have spell check,  so I have ruined many a card by hurrying.

Well recently I was working on a project with Samantha font, and you copy and paste to get some of the special characters in.  So, I thought, let me try these sentiments again.  Low and behold, it worked. No more typing those sentiments or paragraphs I find on the internet.  Of course, it still will only use fonts you have on your system, so you need to change it to a writing font.

On a Mac its Command "C" to copy and Command "V" to paste , of course other PC's it's a right click "Copy" the "Paste".  Very easy, and no more typo's.

Here I show you a sentiment I copied and pasted in Design Space.  Open your text box, by clicking on text in left hand column  and paste your text in it.  You will have to edit text, by adding returns, it copies in one long sentence.  

Just edit your text, and your are done.  It's that simple.  I just wanted to share this in case others did not realize they could do this.

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Happy Craftin!

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