Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Name Tags with Cricut Explore

Hi everyone,

I don't remember who it was that created these tags on my Design Space Facebook group, but it was a very novel idea.  She made her name tags for Secret Santa at work.  I decided this would be a really cute idea for my family.  We pick names every year to keep costs down and these could also be used on the gifts.   So whoever you are, thank you for this great idea, I hope she doesn't mind that I stole it. 

They are very simple to make.  My instructions are for Desgn Space, but they can definitely be made using Cricut Craft Room.  If you can weld, you can make these tags.  Insert your text for your name, I used Don Juan Under Pressure.  This is a nice chunky font and has a shadow.  Be sure any font you use has a shadow.  At this point you don't want your shadow showing.  Your finished names should measure  about 4-4.5", once you add embellishments that can get rather large.  Also, it's helps save paper on the envelopes, I explain this later.

Don't ungroup the top layer from the shadow layer yet.  Make your letters large so you can work with them easier.  You can adjust the total size after they are welded.  If you adjust after welding, be sure to group the shadow so it adjusts also.  

Isolate the letters on the edit bar, I didn't do a screen shot with the edit bar showing, but it has letters with boxes around the, next to the font size.   Place the individual letters overlapping slightly and staggering them a little.  When you are satisfied,  weld them together.

Now turn your shadow on, move the top layer out of the way.  The shadow will already be ready for welding, so go ahead and select the shadow and weld them together.  Don't be concerned if they are not a perfect match to the top layer, because when you layer them, you will want to offset just a little.

Of course you need to attach these tags to a package, so you need to create a circle.  You can do this two ways, weld a 1/2"(approx, eye it to size) circle to the edge of the shadow layer and place a hole in it with your hole punch or create one in Design Space.   To do this open a circle image with a shadow.  Ungroup this image and make the top layer smaller than the shadow layer.  Once you have it centered, select both circles and slice the images.  This leaves the little circle to attach to your name tags.   Be sure to duplicate this image for all the names.  Place this circle next to the shadow layer and weld it.

That's all there is to it.  Very simple, the difficult part is deciding what images you will use to embellish them.  I didn't weld the images, I just glued them on.  If you knew what embellishments you planned to use you could weld the shadow images to the name shadow.  I had a few images that were rather detailed and had very tiny pieces.  I should have cut then print some of these images, but I am having trouble with my printer.

I used a Framed Sleeve Card from my Artfully Sent cartridge to make the sleeve envelopes.  I picked one that had a simple design on front, so I could use the contour feature to remove it.  I sized them about 6.3 W x5.3H, this gives you a finished sleeve of 5x3".   I choose this size so I could cut two envelopes out of 1 piece of 8 1/2 x 11 card stock.  So now you can see why you wanted to keep the names at about 4.5", this allows about 1/2" overlap on embellishments.

Here is the finished envelope.  I added a stamp to the front, since I couldn't leave them open.  We don't want anyone picking and choosing who's name they get.

You can make tags like this for all sort of occasions, Bride and Groom, for birthday, baby, etc.

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Happy Holidays!


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