Thursday, December 11, 2014

Addressing Envelopes with Cricut Explore

Hi everyone,

This is not a video tutorial, even though I  would love to post videos.   Most people prefer video, but I'm not most people.  I have a limited data plan and I don't want to eat it up watching and uploading videos.  I wanted to provide these instructions in writing with pictures for those few out there that might have the same limits on their data plans, or just a really slow bandwidth.  Besides, I really HATE my accent, you know I'm from New Orleans when you talk to me.

I try to make my instructions as clear as possible, but sometimes I tend to skip over the things that are easy for me.  If you are a beginner and need a little more help, please feel free to contact me.  You can just post a comment at the end of the post or contact me by email, I have a place to do that in the left column.  

Everyone is using their Explore for so many things, and addressing envelopes is one of them.  Now if you have over 20 - 25 envelopes, this might not be the way to go.  It can be time consuming, especially with the limits of how much text you have to enter in Design Space.  

Here are instructions for addressing one envelope at a time.  It is really a very simple process.

Step 1 - Insert a square image on your canvas, this can be any square as long as you don't have to purchase it.  Size it to the size of your envelope,  you can unlock the size box to make it fit your needs.

Step 2 - Change your square to score instead of cut,  this will prevent it from cutting your envelope.

Step 3 - Insert your text.  At this point edit your text to the preferred font and be sure you have changed it to a writing text.  Once you attach it, you can no longer change font.  I chose one of the fonts on Lyrical Letters 2, they are new and have a writing feature.  These fonts are really cute.

Step 4 - Size your text, for a 5.75x4.5 envelope, I made my address about 1.5" H to about 2.5" wide and as you can see it printed large.

Step 5 - Place your text where you want it, select all and attach the text to the square.  I put my square all the way to the top of the canvas and centered it on the top only.  I found placing my text box at about the 2" mark and centering it worked for me.

Step 6 - Do a test run on a piece of card stock that is cut to the size of you envelope.  Let's be sure you have everything how you want it.  I placed my envelop about 1/4" from the top and side lines, that's why I chose to center text and place at 2" mark.  You will need to take note of where you place the card stock, so you place the envelope in the same place. When you are prompted to add your score tool, remove the mat, if you don't it will write a line around your envelope.  This was my test run, it works for me.

Step 7 - Now you are ready to Print your envelope.  Be sure to place your envelope right side up, we don't want the address upside down.  

I found it easier to do one address at a time.  Too much text in Design Space will end up giving you that circle of death.  You know that little circle of lines that goes round and round because Design Space has crashed.

I know there are lots of instructions for this out there, but I found this way to work for me.  I hope you found these instructions easy to follow.  I would love to hear from you

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