Sunday, October 26, 2014

T-SHirt Dresses

Hi Everyone,

This post isn’t about scrapbooking today, it is about the sewing.  I had to share these cute little dresses,  They were so easy and I absolutely love them. 

If you can sew a straight line, then you can make these dresses.  I found the instructions on Pinterest, searching for a T-shirt dress my daughter-in-law wanted for my Grand daughter.  I have also pinned it to my wall, for a quick find.

Supplies you will need.  

Material of choice, I recommend at least a yard for the length, or you will have too many seams.
T-shirt in correct size, make sure you wash it, if you plan on adding an applique.
Sewing Machine

Here are quick instructions, if you don’t need to see a picture. For a 2T t-shirt I measured  the length of the t-shirt from the neck to the hem, which  is about 17”  You divide this measurement in half  and round to the nearest even number to get 8 inches.  Then measured the hem of the t-shirt, which is 11 inches, multiply this by 4 to accommodate the gathering, so I need a piece 44" long.  This gives you a piece 8"W by 11" long.  If your material is that long, cut two 8"x22".  A couple inches less for the 44" won't matter that much, it will just be a little less fuller skirt.  Watch the pattern of the material before you cut, my pattern ran one way, so I had to cut it in the right direction or my little flour di lis would have been sideways.  

Sew the side seam(s) and press the seams open, unless you use a serger.  Hem the skirt, by folding up once at 3/8”, then the second time 5/8”.  Sew your hem now, it’s easier before you gather and attach it to the t-shirt.

Mark the two sides of the skirt, fold in half and mark the two halves.  This gives you four marks evenly spaced on the skirt.  This helps with getting the gathers even around the skirt.

Gather the unfinished side.  If you don't know how to do this I'm sure you can find a video on the internet.  I usually sew a basting stitch along the edge at about 1/4"  then again at 7/8".  I pull the top threads to make the material gather.   Be sure the thread doesn't pull out the other end.

Gather it a little more than the size needed, as you pin it to the bottom of the t-shirt, right sides together. The t-shirt should be in the middle of the skirt, hanging downward.  Sew it together at about 5/8”, be sure to sew between the two gathering lines.  Turn it right side out and press the seam up towards the t-shirt.  Now on the outside, sew about 1/4” from the seam around the t-shirt to hold the seam up, it helps prevent bulk.  Pull out the gathering thread, and you are finished.

You can make this with any t-shirt, even one that already has a design.  I just used plain t-shirts and added my own, so I could personalize.  The Chevron alphabet I purchased from  My Vinyl Designer.    

The chevron Fleur Di Lis I created myself using an image on the internet.  I will be sharing this file next month to all my Close to My Heart Customers.  Please come back and place an order with me.

I will definitely be making more of these T-shirt dresses.

Till next time,

Happy Craftin!

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