Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Easel Post it Note Pad holder

I had a few requests on how to fold the easel post it note pad holder.  It is very simple, you fold it the same way as you would an easel card.  I am showing you a front and side view.

Lay your base (red) down in front of you, with the longest section towards you, the same way it is on the mat.  This is the 4.25" section, you start with a valley fold, then a mountain fold and then another valley fold.

This last fold you add double sided tape to the back to tape it to the easel portion.  The front pieces you see are attached to the easel portion or the 3-1/2" section.  The green pieces are the designer paper, optional on the bottom under the pad.

I added the two back pieces, only if I desire to cover the back.  I had used a print paper that didn't have a design on back, so I just added these pieces to give it a finished look.  The paper was black with a white back.  If it had been black front and back I wouldn't have bothered.

I hope these pictures and instructions help.  If not please check the web for videos, there are numerous videos on creating easel cards and the method it exactly the same.

Thanks for enjoying my project.


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