Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sweet Tooth Boxes in Design Space

I decided to finally try making cute cupcake boxes to share my cupcakes.  I have never used this cartridge, but have had it about 2 years.  I wanted the larger box, so I I pulled out the handbook, because  these images aren't grouped together in DS.

If you have tried creating boxes from the Sweet Tooth Cartridge in Design Space (DS) you know it isn't nearly as easy as it was in Cricut Craft Room (CCR).  They don't have a relative or real dial size option.  This is mainly because most images have all the pieces already grouped together.  In the case of Sweet Tooth Boxes, this isn't the case.  Also, the labels on the images aren't correct.  At least I don't think so, every box I looked at was labeled a top.  I couldn't find any that were labeled bottom, so I figured they were interchangeable.  

I started by selecting a plain top to use as the bottom and a top with a window.  I cut both at 11", well the top piece was about 1/2" larger than the bottom.  I started to eyeball the size of the top and bottom where the score lines were to get them sized correctly.  After wasting 6 pieces of card stock, I finally found the two images I wanted.  Also, by that time I realized the 11" recommended cutting size was way to big for my regular size cupcakes.  So I had to reduce the size of the insert to 9.3" wide.  This fit my cupcakes nicely.  I don't have decorative wrappers, so if you add those I would probably up it to 9.5" wide.

I finally got everything sized right and as you can see they came out nicely and fit my cupcakes perfectly.  Here is the link to my file if you would like to use it.  You may not be able to use the embellishments if you don't own the cartridges, but you can use the boxes with a subscription or the Sweet Tooth Box cartridge.  (I removed my rosettes from the file, it was causing cutting issues for those folks who don't own the Close to My Heart Cartridge, I cut them at 10" and cut them down to 1-1/2")
I would provide you with the sizes I used, but if you don't use the exact image they won't work.  Each box top has a different size flap, so it changes the size.  I do know I used the box with the largest flap, so it was measured at 11", the top I used was about .2" larger than the insert.  So it fits like the boxes you purchase in the store.  

I suggest visiting a Tuesday Morning in your area.  I purchase double sided card stock from .99 to 3.99 for a pack of 25 or more sheets.  I use this paper to do my test runs before I waste my more expensive paper.  The paper I used was also purchased at Tuesday Morning, it is Heidi Grace paper pack I picked up for $3.99.  I love her color schemes and prints.  I check back often to see if they add more to their stock.

I am going to create some with my new Close to My Heart paper for Halloween and birthday.  Check back, I am working on a 2 cupcake box.  If it is a difficult as this one I will share the file.

Happy Craftin!

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  1. Thank you Mimi for confirming that I was not the only one confused as to where the bottom of the boxes were. I have used your design and it came out perfectly. Your are a genius.