Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cricut Design Space

I haven't been working on my Explore for the last week, since I had a few other projects I needed to get done.  I baked 72 cup cakes and for a bridal shower and have been doing some sewing.  I  had to make a quilt for a baby boy.  The only work my explore saw was the cupcake wrappers and the name for the quilt.

Any way, the purpose of this posting is to let you know I have created a new page on my blog dedicated to all things Cricut Explore and Design Space.  I am providing links to all the manuals and videos by Provo Craft and some other bloggers I find extremely helpful.

You won't find anything you probably haven't seen before, I just wanted to put it all in one space so it is easier to find.  I decided to put it on a page in my blog so that if any others wished to use these links they could.

I will add new links and information as I find it.  Feel free to bookmark the page for a quick reference to any of the information.

Hopefully I will have something new I made for next week.  I am trying to get my to do list finished.

Be aware that the Close to My Heart Spring/Summer catalog is getting ready to expire.  A new catalog will be available as of August 1st.  So most of the items in the Spring/Summer catalog have been moved to the retired list.  If there was anything you wanted you need to purchase it before it runs out.  The Close to My Heart markers are on the retired list, they are being replaced by new markers.  Ink pads are going up in price, so you have a few days left to purchase them at the lower price.

Till next time,

Happy Craftin!

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