Thursday, June 19, 2014

Subway Art - Not just for your wall

When my son and daughter-in-law got married, they gave me a parents wedding album.  It was a plain black bound book.   I knew there was something I could do to make this book look less interesting, but I just couldn't figure out what to do.  I was concerned any paper crafting project I added to the front of the book would not hold up.

Well,  since I purchased my new Cricut Explore, I have become much more adventurous in my projects.  I was recently introduced to subway art and vinyl.  Both have been a around for quite a while, but it seems that it has exploded, or maybe I have just been in a cocoon.   I am currently been getting crazy using vinyl, I have found t-shirts are so easy to make, decorating all sorts of things with indoor vinyl and outdoor vinyl.

There have been so many samples of wedding subway art, folks have been creating this on all sorts of picture frames, ceramic tiles, and canvases.  So I thought, what about a book?  I am sure the vinyl will be much more durable than any paper I would have to glue on the book.  So I got to work.

I took the measurements of the book and got to work,  and I have to say it really came out great.
I used system and cricut fonts.  I found an image of Mr and Mrs that wasn't available in Design Space and uploaded it as a basic image.  Just remember to select all and attach it so it cuts out in one piece.  If you want different colors that wouldn't be a problem, just cut out in sections.

Here is my finished product.

I added the frame around the wording to help with lining it up properly, but I think it added to the art. If you search the web for subway art you will see tons of examples to work from.  So get to work.  If you know someone getting married, make this on a canvas so they can display at their wedding.  I used silver vinyl on this project, I didn't have white available.

Subway art, I found is a great medium for adding a little something without over doing it.  I am working on a word collage to decorate my new grand daughter's scrapbook.  So stay tuned, because I am going to try something a little different.

So give it a try, you will become addicted.

Happy Craftin!

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