Monday, June 2, 2014

Organizing your Close to My Heart stamps

I had read on someone else's blog how they would stamp their images on paper to keep them organized.  They could just open a book and find the stamp image they wanted instead of flipping through all the stamps.

I thought that sounded like a really great idea.  What a great idea.  My stamps are just sitting there not being used, except for sentiments, because it is such a chore to look through the images.  Well, I started pulling my stamps out and stamping the images on paper.  I found this process tedious and quickly lost interest, plus you have to stop and clean each stamp.  I still wanted my stamps in a book, so I came up with an easier way that would make it doable for me.  

What I decided to do was print pictures of the stamps on paper.  This system will still be tedious if you have hundred of stamps, but I don't have that many.  I rely more on my Cricut to cut out embellishments than using stamps.

So for the few stamps I have, I either found images to save to my computer on the internet or took pictures.  I could print out the pictures on paper and put them in a book.   I found most of my stamp sets on my CTMH website, I basically only have stamps from Close to My Heart.  If an image wasn't available I took pictures of it with my camera.   I combined a few images of the stamp sets on one page in my photo program and printed them out and put them in a binder.  Now I can flip through a book and look at all my stamps.
A few finished pages

As you can see, I now have pictures of my stamps for a book.  It's not a perfect system, but I find I use them a little more because it's a little easier to find the one I want.  It won't work for those wooden stamps, but if you have those clear silicone stamps on sheets it works great.

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Till next time.

Happy Craftin!

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