Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pop-up Gift Card Box for Design Space

I made these cute little boxes for giving out gift cards. They were made using Close to My Heart papers Lollydoodle and Free to Be Me (on right - $5 during May promotion)

This isn't my creation, all the credit goes to Brenda Quintana.  She has great instructions and pictures of the whole process on her blog Qbees Quest.   These boxes are super simple and quick to make.  I don't own the punch that Brenda uses so I wanted to use my Explore  to cut it out.

I have never created a project in Design Space and thought this would be the perfect project to get started.  I saw that others had created box cads in DS so I knew it was possible.  So I borrowed Brenda’s instructions and created a file. Thank you so much Brenda for your great project.

I created the project using free images available on Craft Room Basics.  This cartridge is built in the machine so everyone has access to it at all times. So if you own an Explore you received these images with your machine, you do not need to purchase any images, cartridges or have a subscription.

Both of the boxes above were made using the project file, so I know it works. Everything scored and cut just like it was supposed to.

Cut lines aren’t currently available, so I just changed a score line image to cut and then it became a cut line.  It will cut twice though, since score lines are drawn twice.  I have sent an email to Customer Service asking them to consider providing us with a a cut line in Design Space for our use.  They have passed the request on to the software designers.

The finished box measures 3x5 inches and is 1 inch deep.  If you decide to use double sided paper, place the tape or glue on the side you want to be the outside. 

After I had the first box all put together I thought it would be nice to add something inside that would pop-up when it opened.  So I created an insert page without the cut out, it just has a slit for your gift card.  You add decorations to the face of it, I used this insert in the birthday box.  

Any images or decorations you place inside the box should not be any larger than 2” high or 4.5 inches wide.  If they are too big they will bend or your box won’t open and close properly.  Also, I recommend using a very sturdy piece of card stock so your boxes aren't too flimsy.  I found it easier to decorate the insert before taping it in the box.

Check out Brenda’s blog for a cute Christmas box she made and the goodies she included inside.  

If you would like the link to the Design Space  just subscribe to my blog or follow me on Google +.   After you have joined my blog,  send me an email letting me know you joined and your email address.  I will send you the link to my project file.  This file will only work in Design Space, I'm sorry to say I wasn't able to create a file in CCR.  I no longer have my E2, but you can still make this box by following the instructions on Brenda's blog.

If you would like to purchase the papers I used please visit my website

I hope you will join me.

Happy Craftin!


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