Friday, May 16, 2014

Cutting Cereal Boxes with Cricut Explore

I cut a cereal box and a Kleenex box with my Cricut Explore and I must say it cut like butter.  I placed the box piece on the mat with the shiny part up.  I did this because I remember with my Expression 2 it always seemed to work better if the shiny part was on top, because this seemed to be harder to cut through when it was on the bottom.  I tried 3 different settings, and of course the deep cut blade.

1st cut - set dial at Poster board and I cut a simple oval.  This image cut out like butter.  Then I tried letters, I had a little trouble with the small letters being picked up by blade.  A stickier mat might have helped, so I tried the letters again with a different setting.

2nd cut - set the dial to the mark between Fabric and Poster board.  This time I cut out letters measuring about 1.25  and .5 inches.  On this setting it cuts twice. Again it cut like butter.  I also cut card stock to glue to the letters, and they fit perfectly.  Yoo Hoo!  Another great job with the Cricut Explore.  Big tip, make sure your mat is sticky for those small letters, they can get stuck on the blade.

3rd cut - set the dial to custom and selected .5mm Chipboard.  I glued the card stock (light paper) on the cereal box, let it dry and then cut out a simple image.  I had to cut this at the Chipboard custom setting. The setting between Fabric and Poster would probably work too, since it cuts twice.

Overall, I think the Explore did a great job, much better than my Expression 2. The E2 cut cereal boxes, but the card stock never matched it correctly.  So have fun using those cereal boxes to add dimension to your cut outs.

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Happy Craftin!

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