Sunday, March 16, 2014

Design Space - Customizing the size of your card canvas

Hi Everyone,

I have been designing my cards in Design Space (DS)and LOVE LOVE LOVE! the idea of laying out my project on a canvas.  I have been designing cards for Mother's Day and have discovered a problem in the software.  I wanted a horizontal rectangle card that measure 6 x 5.5.  I noticed when I chose my card to be horizontal I could no longer change the dimensions of the card.  It worked fine when the card was in portrait mode, but not horizontal.  I wanted to pass this problem on to anyone who may have come across the same problem.

You can make any changes to the canvas, except customizing the size.  After selecting "Custom", you then click on the lock to unlock the sizes, but at this point the custom reverts back to the default card size and the lock won't open. It just sort of freezes there, like it is doing something, but it never does.

I contacted Provo Craft's Customer Service, to be sure it wasn't my computer or operating system.   They tried making the changes on their computers and had the same problem.  So the problem is being reported to the software department.   I have to say they were very helpful and friendly.  I have always had good experiences dealing with Cricut's customer service.

If you really need a card canvas, which I think really helps, they suggested using a card image from one of your cartridges.  If you don't have any card images just use a rectangle shape instead.  I have used this in CCR in the past so I could figure out what size to cut my images.  

While I had them on the phone I asked if it was possible to darken the grid lines.  I use the grid lines to attach and weld images together.  They said they would provide my suggestion to the software department.  If you would like to see the grid lines darker, please pass it on to customer service.  The more of us that ask for it, the more likely it will be done.

I will be sharing my projects with you soon.  I am about ready to cut them out.  I am trying out some cuts I would never have attempted on my E2.

If you want access to the Close to My Heart cartridges, please be sure to get them here.  You must own the cartidge to use it in Design Space.

So until then.

Happy Craftin!

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