Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mini Monster birthday card

I made this card for a 10 year old boy.  I got the idea from a card I saw on Pinterest.  The original card used Stampin' Up punches, which I don't have.  I do have the Cricut Mini Monster cartridge and found these cute little monsters on it.  I thought they would be just as cute.

I made my own card using red card stock and trimmed it down to 5x7 inches.  I used white card stock for the background cut at 4 ½ x 6 ½.   The plain white paper seemed so plain, so I had an inspiration.  I remembered how we used to stipple paint on the walls with paper for that faux finish and marble affect.  So why not give it a try with ink on card stock? What’s the worst that could happen? I have to throw something away, I’ve done that before.  I pulled out the old saran wrap and crinkled it up in a little wad and used it to dab the ink around.  I used a very light touch, just re-wad up saran wrap for a clean spot for the next color; I used the same colors I cut the monsters out of.  I also had a star stamp and stamped a few of those around; most of those seemed to get covered though.  It added a little something and was just enough to brighten up the card without over powering it. 

I cut each monster at 2 ½ inches.  I only cut the basic and all the layers, I didn’t do any shadows.  I also hid the eyes on all the monsters using the "Hide Contour" feature in Cricut Craft Room (CCR).  I also, removed the mouths on the blue and green monsters too, I drew these in with a gel pen.  You can find tons of videos and instructions using the "Hide Contour" in CCR all over the web.  

I glued plastic wiggly eyes on each monster instead, which I think gives it much more character.  The green monster has two different size eyes.  I had them on hand from a previous project.  You can be purchase these at any craft store, they are about $.99 for a bag, Walmart may even have them.  You will have plenty left over for other projects.  (I use them all the time when I make little critters, the kids love them).  Before I glued each piece together I chalked or inked around the edges to add a little definition and then just added some details.  I find this just gives your cutouts a little better look and hides all the little imperfections. 

I didn’t have the perfect birthday stamp so I found a font to download on the internet.  I downloaded the font Spaceout Open from a free website and colored it in with my Bic permanent fine tip markers (These markers are acid free and work great if your paper isn’t too absorbent, so do a test first).  I created the label by welding a rectangle and two circles in CCR to cut out with my Cricut, I used Craft Room Basics (free with Expression 2 machine), but any rectangle and circle from other cartridges will work. I sized the rectangle approximately 3 ½ by 1 ½ inches and the circles were about ¾ inches.  Be sure your images welded together before cutting.  I printed the sentiment on white card stock in bold and then cut it to fit the label.  I put it all together with yellow brads.

I’ll post instructions for adding poems to your cards later.  Please visit me again to so my next project.  I have a few that have been completed I just need to write them up.

Until next time,

Happy craftin!

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